Summer Session at FMS


Making the Most of Summer at Fishburne Military School


June 23 – July 28


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Watch as your son masters the basics of coding, designs virtual environments, creates objects in 3D, rappels down a wall, takes flight, and much more! Enjoy this exciting, educational, 5-week summer program. Summer Session at Fishburne Military School fosters personal responsibility, honor, integrity, and respect for others.

Core Academic Courses Offered

  • English (Grades 7-11)
  • Physical Science
  • Earth Science
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • General Mathematics
  • Pre-algebra
  • Algebra 1&2
  • Geometry
  • Leadership Education Training (JROTC) 1&2
  • World History
  • U.S. History
  • Government
  • World Languages 1&2.

Each of these courses may be offered as a half-day course (70 hours) or as a full-day course (140 hours). Course enrollment at Summer Session is limited to TWO half-day courses -OR- ONE full-day course. Half-day courses are reserved for repeat classes or elective courses. Students taking an Academic Course for the FIRST TIME must take as a full-day course in order to receive credit.

FMS reserves the right to cancel any class or activity with fewer than five cadets enrolled during Summer School.

Elective Courses (1/2 Day)

Fishburne Military School’s Summer Curriculum includes Elective Courses which, although not considered graduation requirements, are approached as important pieces of the whole-student education at FMS.

  • Introduction to Cyber Security
  • 3D Modeling and Design
  • Coding
  • SAT Prep
  • Study Skills
  • Outdoor Adventure

Leadership Education and Training (JROTC)

Fishburne is one of only four programs authorized to offer JROTC during Summer School.

JROTC instruction and training is focused upon developing each student’s ability to develop leadership, character, and academic success. Taking JROTC may help cadets increase their potential to receive ROTC scholarships and to be selected for admission to one of the United States Service Academies (only Cadets enrolled in JROTC during the regular school year are eligible for academy nominations). Normally cadet officers must be enrolled in LET3 during their senior year. Thus, if your son started at FMS as a junior it is recommended that he take LET2 during the next summer.

Fishburne Military School Summer SportsSports and

During Summer School, Fishburne Summer Cadets may opt to take PE, which offers them a rotating menu of different athletic experiences. Those who wish to concentrate upon a favorite sport instead, may opt to participate in daily afternoon sports time for:

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Golf
  • Football/strength conditioning
  • Swimming
  • Running
  • Tennis
  • Wrestling 

On Wednesday afternoons, cadets participate in an adventure or confidence building activity such as rappelling, orienteering, or building a one-rope bridge. On Friday afternoons Summer School cadets are allotted time for additional extracurricular activities of their choice until 5:30 p.m.

Flight Training

During Athletic period and on alternating Saturdays, Fishburne will once again offer a Summer School Aviation program as a cooperative venture between Fishburne Fishburne Military School Summer Session, Summer School, Summer Leadership Programand Eagles Nest Regional Airport. The program offering is contingent on the availability of flight school instructors and having at least five students sign up. The program allows cadets the opportunity to learn more about aviation through both classroom and hands-on experience.

The cost of the program is $300.00.

English Language Skills Camp


费仕博恩军纪中学 美国全方位男孩夏令营

The English Language Skills Camp is a two-week summer session for foreign nationals who can gain some exposure to life as a Fishburne cadet. The camp includes a head-start on the ESL online courses during the morning academic period and the Outdoor Adventures class during the afternoon. Participants may choose their afternoon activity from PE, Basketball, Football/Strength & Conditioning, Running and Swimming, Soccer, Tennis, or Wrestling


Boarding Students – $4,090
Day Students – $2,330

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For complete details regarding Fishburne Military School’s Summer Session, please contact FMS Admissions.

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