Leadership for Life: The Fishburne Legacy

Character. Honor. Industry. These aren't qualities you have one day then discard the next. These are the qualities that every young man who comes to Fishburne Military School carries forward for the rest of his life . . . because we revere, elevate and model those things for our students every single day.

It's how you can spot a Fishburne Man - by his desire to maintain the highest standards of integrity and citizenship. And no matter how much the world changes, those qualities will always be admired - and followed. That's why we can honestly say that our graduates emerge from Fishburne Military School forever shaped by the concept of Leadership for Life.

Fishburne Military School

Our Mission
"To forge educated and honorable young men of courage."  

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Top News
  • Rocket Club Executes Nine Landings

    Monterey, VA - The FMS Rocketry cadets successfully executed nine launches Saturday in Monterey.

    In attendance for the Nov-2 launch were Zach Carrol, Wesley Loe, William Sanderson, Aiden Smith, Justin Tomayer, and Andrew Watkins. Carroll and Tomayer were first time launchers and both did an outstanding job.

  • FMS Named to Top Schools List

    Waynesboro, VA – Fishburne Military School is proud to announce that they have been named to Virginia Living Magazine’s list of Top High Schools & Colleges 2019.

    Top High Schools & Colleges 2019 is a list of nearly 150 programs in public and private high schools and four-and-two-year colleges leading the way in innovation across the state.

    Fishburne Military School’s Superintendent, CAPTAIN Mark Black, US Navy (Ret) notes that “Fishburne Military School has enjoyed a great many successes over the years, but being recognized for our core mission – developing educated and honorable young men – is something that makes us proudest of all.”

  • Troop 1879 Announces New Eagle Scout

    Fishburne Military School's BSA Troop 1879 announced that Cadet Austin Haug (Senior; Culpeper, VA) has been named as the Troop's latest member to earn the rank of Eagle Scout.

    Haug, a three-year Cadet, is a member of the Caissons Soccer and Cross Country teams and hopes to attend the Virginia Military Institute next Fall.

    He hopes to encourage and help younger Cadets at Fishburne Military School to get involved in Scouting during his Senior year.

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