June 23 - July 19, 2024

The Best Four Weeks of Summer

Whether you’re looking for a taste of what Fishburne is like or you want to prepare yourself for Fall Semester or you just can’t get enough of what’s awesome about Fishburne, our Summer Program is perfect for you. Come do something you’ve never done and make friends—and acquire skills—that will last a lifetime. For boys in grades 6-12.

  • Stay ahead on core classes
  • Улучшите свои учебные навыки
  • JROTC activities and adventures
  • Отличные мероприятия на выходных
  • Sports throughout the week
  • Weekly outdoor adventures
Inquire: Summer Session 2024

Учебный план

Recent educational studies show that students lose about 30% of what they learn during a school year in the summer months.  The Fishburne Military School Summer Program may be just what your son needs to stop the summer slide!

The FMS Summer Program Academics is meant to be a review of things learned during the regular school year and a smattering of new information and skills. We are not offering for-credit classes this summer, but rather educational opportunities to keep your son academically engaged so he does not fall behind in his studies.

In addition to our summer review of English language arts, math, science, and history. If your son needs credit recovery, we are offering opportunities for those courses to be completed through an online program that will be incorporated into our daily schedule.

Cadets choose 3 academic core, one-hour classes will be four times per week: Monday-Thursday.  Cadets will select 2 elective classes that will take place on Mondays and Wednesdays every week.

SAT Prep Classes

Students can enroll in high quality in-person SAT instruction during summer program at FMS. There is an additional fee of $250, and requires a minimum of 15 students to enroll. For more information, email vevans@fishburne.org. To sign up for summer SAT prep during summer program, please indicate your interest by checking the appropriate box on the summer program application.

FMS оставляет за собой право отменить любой класс или мероприятие, в котором во время Летней школы зачислено менее пяти кадетов.

7th/Junior – Science Английский Math Geography & Social Studies Credit Recovery (Offered By Demand)
8th/Junior – Science Английский Math Geography & Social Studies Credit Recovery (Offered By Demand)
9th/Junior – Science Английский Math Geography & Social Studies Credit Recovery (Offered By Demand)
10th/Senior – Science Английский Math US History & Government Credit Recovery (Offered By Demand)
11th/Senior – Science Английский Math US History & Government Credit Recovery (Offered By Demand)
12th/Senior – Science Английский Math US History & Government Credit Recovery (Offered By Demand)

Курсы по выбору, которые вы захотите пройти

At Fishburne, we see Elective Courses as a way to expand your educational horizons and strengthen your academic confidence (or, as we like to say, discover what’s great in you.) Our Summer electives will help you with everything from personal finance to military fitness—and everything in between. All Summer courses are “standard” level military programs for youth. No honors level/advanced/AP/Dual Enrollment courses are offered over the summer. Cadets select 2 courses for summer session.

Студенты могут пройти до двух факультативных курсов продолжительностью полдня.
** Только для старшеклассников
* Только для учащихся средней школы

Личные финансы и профессиональные навыки ** Military Leadership & Character Development
IT Modeling and Design Art at the Wayne Theatre

Summer Sports

Fishburne Summer Program Cadets will stay active! Your son will choose from a variety of sports to play on Monday and Tuesday afternoons. All summer program Cadets are required to participate in one of the offered sports each afternoon.

  • Футбол
  • Баскетбол
  • Футбол
  • Плавание
  • Бег
  • Большой теннис
  • Борьба
  • Бейсбол

JROTC Fridays

Students will experience military adventure and leadership training with JROTC Friday activities! Students will build confidence and interpersonal and leadership skills while being challenged with exciting activities and new skill development. Each Friday, cadets will experience a different aspect of military-style character development and leadership training, including a visit to the Virginia Military Institute, high ropes courses, leader reaction teamwork courses, rock climbing walls, rappelling, obstacle courses, and compass orienteering courses. In addition, students will build teamwork and camaraderie while competing in a best squad field day competition and enjoy fun and challenging water and other adventure activities. This training will be led by Fishburne Military School’s Army JROTC instructors, with decades of military leadership and training experience.

Fishburne Military School has earned the US Army’s highest level of accreditation and maintained its designation as a JROTC Honor Unit With Distinction for over 40 years.


Summer students are trained to descend in a controlled manner from a height, such as a cliff or wall, sliding down down an anchored rope while appling friction to control their speed.


Цель состоит в том, чтобы бежать к ряду точек, показанных на карте, выбирая маршруты — как по тропе, так и вне ее — которые помогут вам найти все точки и вернуться к финишу за кратчайшее время.


Команды должны преодолеть препятствие по одной веревке. Только первый и последний могут коснуться препятствия. Остальные должны пройти по веревочному мосту.

Outdoor Adventures

Fishburne is located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains so we take advantage of every opportunity to experience the great outdoors. Every Tuesday and Thursday, all of our students will participate in our Outdoor Adventure program. They will go bass fishing in a farm pond, swim in Sherando Lake, tubing on the James River, mountain biking at Massanutten, horseback riding and hiking.


Weekends at Fishburne are a blast! We’re talking waterslides, slip-n-slide kickball, a field day with multiple games to compete in, tasting outings including visits to Klines Ice Cream and Benny’s Pizza in downtown Waynesboro.

Постельные принадлежности и одежда

• 2 Twin Sheets Sets with Pillow Case (White Only)
• 1 Twin Mattress Cover
• 8 Towels and Face Cloths (White Only)
• 6 Pairs of Khaki Cargo Shorts with Belt Loops
• 14 Pair of Underwear
• 14 Undershirts (Crew Neck, White Only) (No “V” Neck, No Tank Tops)
• 14 Pair of White Athletic Socks (Mid Calf Length) or White Ankle Socks (No No-Show Socks Allowed))
• Pillow (20 X 26 Inches)
• Bathrobe
• Long Pants/Shirt for AirSoft
• Swim Trunks (Any Color, Any Style) Sandals or Flip Flops and Beach Towel
• 2 Pair of Athletic Shoes (One Pair Must Be Running Shoes), May Bring Baseball or Football Cleats as 3rd Pair of Athletic Shoes
• Shower Shoes
• 12 Coat Hangers (Plastic and must be white in color)
• Blanket or Comforter
* Sleeping bag for overnight JROTC trip to VMI

Предметы комнаты

• Power Strip- For extra outlets in the room (1 only)
• Cleaning Supplies- Wipes only, no sprays; Glass Cleaner, dust clothes, broom, mop, bucket & scrub brush (May coordinate with roommate)
• Trash Can (13 Gallon, Tall, Kitchen-style with a supply of Trash Bags) (May coordinate with roommate.)
• Desk Lamp
• Alarm Clock (Battery operated only)
• Combination or Key Lock

Hygiene and Personal Items

• Personal Toiletry Items-Toilet Tissue, Facial Tissue, Soap, Body Wash, Shampoo, Deodorant, Shaving Cream and Razors, Tooth Brush/ Toothpaste
• Body Towelettes
• BPA safe water bottle
• Re-sealable snacks

Академические предметы

  • Спиральные тетради (по одной на каждый предмет)
  • Упаковка ручек (10-12 шт.) (любой стиль, только черные чернила)
  • Упаковка карандашей (10-12 шт.) (любого стиля и цвета)
  • Сумка для книг или рюкзак

Несанкционированные предметы

  • Предметы, выделяющие тепло (например, кофейники, плиты и т. д.), не нагреваются.
  • Никаких аэрозольных баллончиков (например, лака для волос, дезодоранта или освежителя воздуха). Предоставляются спрей от насекомых и солнцезащитный крем.
  • No Laptops/Tablets
  • Никаких добавок перед тренировкой
  • Нет жевательной резинки
  • No Sunflower Seeds
  • No Gummies
  • Без солнцезащитных очков (предоставляется шляпа FMS)
  • Cellphones must be checked in to the TAC office every Sunday, and checked out every Friday evening

Что следует отметить

Потерянные или украденные предметы

Fishburne не несет никакой ответственности за утерянные или украденные предметы, ценные предметы вносятся на ваш страх и риск и должны быть заперты в отсеке для хранения под кроватью (студенты должны предоставить собственный замок).

Покупки в последнюю минуту

Если вам нужно сделать какие-либо покупки в последнюю минуту, мы рекомендуем розничные/продуктовые магазины в районе Уэйнсборо, супермаркет Wal-Mart или продуктовый магазин Walmart Neighborhood, Martin's Grocery, Target, Ace Hardware и Kroger Grocery.

Как с нами связаться

The TAC Office contact number (24 hours a day) is 540-946-7700 ext. 117. If you need to speak to our school’s medical staff, they can be reached at 540-946-7700 ext. 180. The TAC Office cell number is 540-256-3817.

Студенты любят почту!

Все посылки вскрываются в присутствии сотрудников ФМС. Всю почту и посылки можно отправлять по адресу:

Son’s Full Name and # Assigned by FMS
225 South Wayne Avenue
Waynesboro, VA 22980

Г-жа Кэти Берранг является директором службы поддержки студентов. Вы можете обращаться к ней по любым вопросам, которые могут возникнуть у вас в отношении вашего сына, пока он посещает FMS, включая вопросы об общественном транспорте и/или поездках для студентов. С ней можно связаться по телефону 540-946-7700 доб. 115 или по электронной почте kberrang@fishburne.org .

Picking Up Your Son for the Weekend

If you intend to pick up your son for the weekend, you will need to notify the Director of Student Services, Kathy Berrang by 1700 (5:00pm) the Thursday prior to his departure. The TAC Office requires an email request (from the parent or legal guardian) to the Director of Student Services, Kathy Berrang.

В электронном письме должно быть указано имя вашего сына, день и время, когда вы собираетесь забрать его, имя человека, уполномоченного забрать его, и где он будет находиться во время отпуска. Все студенты должны вернуться в кампус к 19:00 (19:00) в воскресенье.