Fishburne Military School’s Deputy Superintendent to Participate in MERC Powerlifting Competition for Charity

Deputy Superintendent of Fishburne Military School (FMS), Nicole Overton, is set to compete in the Make Every Rep Count (MERC) fundraising event on November 12, 2022. It is a women’s weightlifting competition with the mission to “Unite the Valley fitness community for the cause of supporting four outstanding local charities: Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, MaDee Project, Boys & Girls Club, & WARM (Waynesboro Area Refuge Ministry).” The event starts at 10 a.m. and will be held at Shenandoah Powerhouse. However, due to space limitations, only athletes and handlers may attend in person. Friends and family are invited to join the competition via Facebook live-stream

Overton has been training twice a week with her personal trainer, Lindsay Williams, Co-Owner of Shenandoah Powerhouse Gym, since March 2022. At first, Overton just wanted to work on her personal fitness, but at the onset of her training, Williams inquired about her personal objectives and goals.

Overton said, “I want to lift heavy things. I previously lifted in my garage when we had all the right equipment. But in one of our last moves, I had to unload it all because it was just too much to take with us. I hadn’t lifted in a couple of years.”

That was the beginning of her journey into powerlifting. It wasn’t until midsummer when Williams urged Overton to participate in a competition for charity. Overton and her family were very excited and supportive of this idea. So, Overton agreed, and training became more intense with a greater focus.

Williams said, “The annual event helps to empower women; breaking down old barriers and perceptions of the powerlifting sport. The impressive ladies who participate emerge stronger individuals and our community itself is made stronger through their efforts. Nikki began her powerlifting journey in June and has found a fun way to relieve stress while enjoying super strength!” 

The MERC competition will feature four events for the competition: bench press, clean, squat, and deadlift. Overton will compete in the deadlift and squat events. Overton commented, “Right now my personal best weight for both is 165 pounds for squat and 235 pounds for the deadlift. My personal goals are 175 for the squat, and 250 pounds for the deadlift.” This will be Overton’s first experience in a weightlifting competition. The competition fundraises by collecting from sponsors who donate “per pound” lifted. The athletes have raised $61,530 for local charities from the past few years of competition. Overton is personally donating $100. You can support Nicole Overton and contribute to these foundations by November 4, 2022 by emailing her at To donate in honor of FMS, donate directly at