Kathy Berrang gives a bear hug to a six-foot tall statue of The HokieBird—a male turkey—and Virginia Tech’s mascot

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Administration Building


Director of Student Services
Parents & Faculty\Staff Liaison
Cadet Advocate
Key Club Advisor
Kiwanis Club and Key Club Liaison

Cadet Care Staff

Kathy Berrang

Director of Student Services; Cadet Advocate

What I like most about Fishburne is that it feels like a home away from home, even for the faculty and staff members. FMS is a great fit for boys because here they are able to make close friends and “brothers for life”, which is something you usually don’t experience in public schools.

For new students: Starting a new adventure as a new cadet at FMS may feel a little intimidating at first, but stick it out and don’t give up. It is one adventure that will provide you with determination, confidence, and a drive to succeed. You will find that you can rely on your fellow cadets to help push you to succeed.

Assistant to the Commandant \ 2008-2010 

Assistant to the Commandant \ Student Services \ 2010-2018 

Director of Student Services and Cadet Advocate \ 2018-present

I’m busy! I love to volunteer in my community and have been a Kiwanis Club member and Key Club Advisor for the past 20 years. You’ll often find me outdoors running or participating in 5K, 10K, and Mud Runs. I am a big Virginia Tech fan and love adventures with my family. And because I hold the title of “Grandma,” I get to spend time with (and spoil!) my grandchildren.

  • Favorite cookie

    Chewy, gooey chocolate peanut butter

  • Superpower I wish I had

    Turn back time

  • Favorite Valley destination

    Blue Ridge Mountains and Skyline Drive