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Joan Byrne

Registrar, Associate Admissions Director-International, Blackbaud Lead

My motto for cadets (and really, everyone) is: Give it your best try! You will be surprised! I believe that Fishburne is perfect for boys. By crafting programs that work, giving boys what they need to be able to excel and achieve great things, and building lifelong worthwhile friendships with peers and mentors, we have proved that Fishburne can stand the test of time. For parents, I would say that they may be surprised by just how much attention and guidance the young men receive from staff and faculty. They will also be surprised by the monumental changes they see in their son.


I have studied at Eastern Michigan University, the American Banking Institute, Wayne County Community College, University of Michigan, and College of Lake County.

I was the FMS Stroehmann Award Recipient – 2017, recognized with the 20/20 Achievement Award – EFL Associates, won the Community Leadership Award for College of Lake County and honored with United Airlines Global Service award. 


Learning new things is at the top of my list! I enjoy a wide range of activities including, traveling extensively (domestically and internationally), my own artistic endeavors, cooking, baking, reading, charitable work, beekeeping and gardening. 

  • Favorite cookie

    My chocolate chip cookies and madeleines

  • Superpower I wish I had

    Precognition and Photographic memory

  • Horror or Comedy


  • Favorite band

    The Chieftans

  • Favorite Valley destination

    There are so many valley destinations! Veritas, Innisfree, Black Friars, Blue Mountain Brewery, I could go on...

  • Vampires vs. Werewolves: who are stronger?