Antique books, vintage cars and computer programming are among some Roxanne’s many interests.

(540) 946-7700 ext. 174


Classroom 2
Yount Barracks


English Composition
U.S. History

Academic Cadre

MAJ Roxanne Rodes (VA)

an Educational Coach (administration instead of faculty), and a Technology Instructor

No matter how many times I teach a particular subject, I always learn something. I’m interested in many subjects, and I am always learning new things. For me, teaching is the ultimate learning experience. In regard to Fishburne, I feel it has the perfect balance of the old and the new. It is innovative and looks to the future, but maintains a firm foundation in tradition reaching back over one hundred years. Boys are allowed to bond and form lasting friendships that last a lifetime. Old-fashioned values of honesty, responsibility, and leadership are instilled in cadets while preparing them for the world of tomorrow at the same time that they embrace time-honored traditions of the past.


I hold degrees from Mary Baldwin University (B.A. cum laude, 1993), Old Dominion University (M.S.Ed., 1999).


Where can I begin? With my interest in computers and electronics? My love of antique Ford automobiles and tractors? Or my 10 Japanese Fancy mice I keep as pets? I also have three Long-Evans rats as pets, collect antique china, Depression glass and art glass, and have a library of over 16,000 volumes. Music and art as also passions of mine and I love listening to everything from modern music and swing. If you ask me to describe myself, I would use curious, enthusiastic, energetic and nostalgic. 

  • Favorite cookie

    Oatmeal cream

  • Favorite movie star

    Gillian Anderson and Marlene Dietrich

  • Horror or Comedy


  • Favorite Valley destination

    Wrights Dairy-Rite

  • Best thing about teaching

    I get paid for what I love to do.