Montage looking up at a formation of US WWII B25 bombers with DDay markings on their wings and a vintage postcard—Victory Day—Liberation of Europe

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JROTC Center for Leadership Development
Classroom 2


Leadership Education Training I, II, III, IV
Raiders \ Drill Team \ Color Guard
Physical Fitness tests for ROTC Scholarships and for Service Academies,
Pass and Reviews \ Ceremonies

Barracks Life Coaches

CPT Robert Misker

TAC Officer

Parents and family members should know how much these young men are cared for and watched over. Teachers and staff members are all knowledgeable and well-meaning, and feel that these cadets are their “own children.” This support, along with our emphasis on structure, makes Fishburne a good fit for young cadets. In addition, small class sizes allow for additional time for students to explore ideas and questions with teachers, a valuable for aspect of learning.

National Registry of Paramedics; Fire Officer III; Fire Instructor III

Attended Columbia Southern University

Getting outdoors or vacationing with my wife and family is how I spend my free time. My other interest is (big surprise!) military history, usually from World War II. 

  • Favorite cookie

    White Chocolate Macadamia Nut

  • Favorite musician

    Billy Joel and Elton John

  • Best book ever written

    The Bible

  • Horror or Comedy


  • Favorite Valley destination

    Old Town Staunton