Season Recap and Awards

-1SG James Hensley Loyalty and Dedication Award [Replace MVP] (Official Narrative: This shooter consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty. This shooter also embodies extraordinary level of character, integrity, and unwavering loyalty to his brothers) – Colby Salyer – [Highest match scores all season long, always in the top 4, the BEST team captain I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Put in extra work on a daily basis to make sure the team still operated smoothly. Never gave up on his teammates, even if they gave up on themselves. Always held coaches and shooters accountable to do the right thing.]

– Coaches Award (Rookie of the Year) – Ziyuan Wu – [He’s a freshman, first time shooter, but always in top four. His performance as a shooter was the most disciplined I’ve seen from a FMS Cadet in over 10years.]

– Caisson Hustle Award (Consistently gives 100% in practice and competition) – Dylan “Pistachio” Palmer – [Always came to practice with an open mind and positive attitude. Constantly seeking ways to improve himself, on and off the range.] 

– Iron Caisson Award (Toughest athlete) – Gerik Trevisan – [Always took his sweet time in a match, but had the mental fortitude to finish his target with just seconds on the clock. No matter the physical injury, he always pushed himself in practice and in competitions.]

– Leadership Award (Role model, leads by example) Austin Hanger  [Really stepped up as a shooter and a role model throughout the season. Though he could be a bit cocky, when it came down to it, he always put the team before himself. He constantly motivated others to do well, and aided the team captain in commanding the team, on, and off the range]

– Most Improved Shooter (showed the most progress from start of season until the end) – Benjamin Weaver – [Barely made it past tryouts, and until the last week of Rifle Season he was still the runt of the litter. He is now shooting in the top four, jumping from a measly 178 out of 300, to a 242 (just 8 points shy of expert).]