Fishburne’s Military Program
Junior Army Reserve Officers Training Corps 

Information: www.usarmyjrotc.com

The military program at Fishburne is administered by retired and regular Army personnel assigned to the Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (JROTC) at Fishburne Military School.

While teaching the principles of leadership, time management and self-discipline through classroom instruction and emphasizing their practical application during military drill and related activities, the JROTC program fosters the excellence for which each Fishburne Cadet strives.

This excellence in military proficiency is attested by the fact that Fishburne has been continuously designated an Honor Unit by the Department of the Army since the 1928-1929 academic year. This prestigious designation grants Fishburne the honor of nominating its qualified graduates to any of the nation’s service academies.

The concept of excellence becomes a matter of pride which is shared by all Fishburne Cadets. JROTC training is among the great rewards derived from the Fishburne Experience. The program teaches the principles of leadership, self-discipline, organization and decision-making. Cooperation, teamwork and courtesy are also a vital part of the life skills learned through participation in JROTC training.


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