Alumni & Development

Leadership for Life” for over 130 years


The Department of Development & Alumni Affairs at Fishburne Military School is committed to ensuring that all graduates have access to the school, its communications, and our brotherhood of alumni at large. Our annual Alumni Weekend is a wonderful time for graduates to return to Waynesboro, but we welcome visitors to the barracks at any time. Please contact Mrs. Debbie Todd, Departmental Director, ( to schedule a visit in advance so we can offer you a guided tour of the grounds. We’ve made lots of renovations to the barracks recently!The phrase “Leadership for Life” is indicative of the school’s long-term mission to ensure that Fishburne continues to generate industry leaders who continually refer back to the life skills they learned while studying in Waynesboro. Fishburne is proud to have such wonderful graduates that truly believe in the school’s mission and vision. Please continue to do all you can in support of Fishburne Military School.Regular communication from the Department of Development & Alumni Affairs comes in the form of e-newsletters, publications and Facebook interactions. If you have not yet become a Fan of Fishburne’s Facebook Page, please do so now and create your own profile. Fishburne’s Alumni Magazine, “The Quadrangle,” is produced twice a year. We hope you continue to enjoy each issue of The Quadrangle.