Scuba diver descending in spectacular blue water

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Hobby-Hudgins Hall
Room: 21


AP Chemistry
Assistant swimming coach

Academic Cadre

MAJ John Cranston (VA)


I enjoy the intersection of physics and biology. For example, the physics of how a whale can dive to a depth of 3000 meters, stay down for an hour and return to the surface. Or how bat echolocation works. The closer you look at these phenomena, the more mind boggling they become. This is the type of passion I work to bring to my students. I get the opportunity to help cadets see that they can succeed in science. At Fishburne we keep track of how a cadet is doing and remind them of assignments that need completion. Small class sizes enable a teacher to provide assistance to each member of the class during the class period.


How did a guy with a Master of Science in Science Education from the University of Iowa end up in Virginia?! I also have credentials in Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science and Biology. I was named Teacher of the Year at Luray High School in 2010, and the FMS yearbook was dedicated to me in 2015. Special Letter of Commendation for a high score on the Physics Praxis test.


I get great enjoyment from growing plants, observing nature, carpentry, scuba diving, and reading.

  • Favorite Valley destination

    A place called Maple Flats which is salamander heaven.