Opening Fall 2024

Fishburne’s New Middle School will feature a Classical Education for boys

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The Fishburne Middle School, in coordination with the First Presbyterian Church, will use its facility for classroom space. In step with Fishburne Military School, the middle school is nondenominational and diverse in its student body. We welcome families and their boys living in the Shenandoah Valley, Albemarle, Buckingham, Fluvanna, Greene, and Nelson counties to enroll in Fishburne Middle School.

“I like the idea of boys being around boys in adolescence. Some are just not ready to be one big pack with boys and girls like they are today.”

— Fishburne Parent

Fishburne Middle School

A place where each student can thrive
within a structured environment

We focus on the whole boy— not just his GPA. Our small class sizes give each boy the individualized attention he deserves. He will learn how to solve problems, and become a leader amongst his peers. Our classical curriculum will focus on accountability, positive team-building, and physical fitness. Every boy should have the opportunity to be seen— and at Fishburne Middle School, we see what’s great in him.



About Our Mission

Trusted Partners

The Fishburne Middle School’s mission is to develop each student’s academic potential and personal character through a content-rich, classically inspired curriculum. We strive to be a trusted partner in your boy’s educational journey, guiding them towards becoming intelligent, honorable, and accountable individuals.

An Institution for Earnest, Industrious Young Boys

Fishburne’s heritage and strong community connections serve as the motivation for creating a sub-division of the 13th oldest military school in the U.S.

In 1879, Professor James Abbott Fishburne, founder of Fishburne Military School, said, “It is my purpose to have here an institution which shall rank as first class to everything that constitutes true worth, and from which shall go forth loyal, earnest, industrious young men (boys) well equipped for the duties and responsibilities of life, and, above all else, to maintain a high standard of honor and integrity.” We are developing the Fishburne Middle School with this same founding vision and principles for developing young men.


    Science, Language Arts, History, Math (including advanced placement to Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry)


    Homeroom Advisory, House Meetings and Character Education

    Foreign Language (Spanish/ Latin), Art, Music, Health and PE, Technology, Finance

    Art classes will be through Fishburne's partnership with The Wayne Theatre, offering potential future activities such as drama, drama tech, and other activities for interested students.


    Students propose club choices according to interests, such as chess, robotics, woodworking, drafting, aeronautics, etc.


    7th and 8th grade boys will be invited to participate in selected sports with FMS (high school): Cross Country and JV Soccer in the Fall, JV Basketball in the Winter, and JV Track and Lacrosse in the Spring.


    One to two times per month, students will have scheduled educational immersion days. These days include field trips, historical reenactments, theatre, museums, hiking, wilderness first aid, orienteering, house competitions, etc.


    Students will have nonobligatory opportunities to join the Cadets at the upper school with selected Trips.


Middle School Faculty and Staff

Everyone who works at Fishburne Middle School
has a gift for understanding and elevating boys

Mrs. Christianna Herrera will take on the role of Middle School Director. She currently serves as the FMS English teacher. She has extensive experience with the classical education model and with developing curricular programs and opening new school campuses. Herrera’s previous assignments included chief educational officer, principal, and teacher with over 19 years of experience.


    Mrs. Christianna Herrera

    English Teacher

    Mr. Mike Payne

    Director of Admissions

Tuition \ 2024 – 2025

Annual Tuition Fee $12,000
Meal Fee $450
Uniform Fee $100

Admissions Process

To apply to Fishburne Middle School, all students must submit an admission inquiry form on the admissions page of Fishburne’s website. The admission counselor will reach out to provide more information and schedule an introductory call to learn more about your son and answer your questions about Fishburne Middle School. For all questions and inquiries, please reach out directly to the Fishburne Admission office at

  • Submit your application materials* INQUIRY FORM

  • We’ll schedule an introductory phone call

  • Introductory call to learn more about your son

  • We'll schedule your campus visit and admission interview

*Applications Materials for admission include:
  • Admissions application

  • Current academic grades and the previous two years of final academic grades

  • All academic records pertaining to educational support (IEP/504)

  • Interview with the Fishburne admission office

Financial Assistance

Contact our admissions office to fill out the application for financial aid. Financial aid is
available on a limited basis. All applicants interested in applying for financial aid should reach
out directly to the office of admission.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Fishburne moving to a middle school concept?

Fishburne Military School (FMS) will add a 6th grade in the fall and begin transitioning to Fishburne Middle School (grades 6 – 8) over the next two years. The Fishburne Middle School will be a separate division (non-boarding) and will not be a part of the Corps of Cadets. The middle school will feature a classical curriculum for boys and will be located at the First Presbyterian Church adjacent to Fishburne. Fishburne’s heritage and strong community connections serve as the motivation for creating a sub-division of the 13th oldest military school in the U.S.

How many boys do you anticipate needing in each class?

The middle school can accommodate up to 15 students in each class – two classes for each grade.

When will the first day of class be?

Our first day of class will be August 14, 2024

Who will be the director of the middle school?

Mrs. Christianna Herrera will take on the role of Middle School Director.

Will the school offer STEM courses?

Yes, science, technology, engineering, and math will be taught in the core and special classes.

Will you offer special study halls for students?

Yes, students will be given study hall weekly. Working with students proactively to ensure they have the support they need to thrive in all areas of middle school is a longstanding practice. The study hall is designed to support students with their executive functioning skills by improving their academic performance and study habits. Academic support services are integrated into the study hall, and faculty and peer tutoring will be provided to students who need additional help. Whether a student needs a review with a specific concept or requires more intense remediation, academic support will be offered to all students. Additionally, academic management coaching will be taught so students will learn how to organize their work product and prioritize their time. It also serves as an accountability checkpoint.

Will the Fishburne Middle School provide services for my child with a learning disability?

As a private school, FMS serves boys it believes suits its mission. This includes boys with mild to moderate learning differences. Boys with severe learning differences are assessed on a case by case basis. FMS provides support from a credentialed specialist and as a private school offers those accommodations which suits its mission and program. This may or may not correspond to what is indicated on an IEP.

What is the tuition, and what does that include/not include?

$12,000 for tuition with modest fees. For more information on how to apply, please visit our Admissions Process page.

Why is this middle school not using a military structure?

There is a distinct difference in development and mentality between middle and high school boys. Fishburne Middle School will serve as a stepping stone to high school life with the Corps of Cadets. The students will be introduced to aspects of the military through classes and programs, specifically for 8th-grade students. Upon graduation from middle school, the students can apply for admission into the Cadet Corps of Fishburne Military School.

Will students have a uniform?

Yes, an issued Fishburne Middle School polo and student provided khakis pants/shorts. Shoes and socks must be worn. No open-toed shoes will be allowed.

Will middle school students interact with the Fishburne Military School Cadets?

Fishburne Military School Cadets will be involved in selected programs providing opportunities to interact with middle school students. This could be through academic tutoring, athletics, clubs, and more.

Will cell phones be allowed on campus?

Students cannot have cell phones during the school day. They may bring cell phones to campus, where they will be stored until after school. Cell phones are used for safety reasons and to arrange afterschool pick-up plans.

Will the school offer after-school supervision? If yes, will there be a cost?

Yes, a Before and After Care program will be offered. This will come at an additional nominal fee. The afternoon care would start with activities—physical, games, outdoor time weather permitting, etc.—a small snack, then move indoors for homework time before parents pick up)

Will the school offer any weekend activities?

Besides the monthly immersion days, we will look to enrich our program further with the opportunity for weekend activities.

Is there any bus transportation to pick up and drop off students?

Not right now, no. However, this is under discussion as a resource to offer in the future.

Does Fishburne own the First Presbyterian Church, and is Fishburne affiliated with the Presbyterian Church?

The Fishburne Middle School, in coordination with the First Presbyterian Church, will use its facility for classroom space. In step with Fishburne Military School, the middle school is nondenominational and diverse in its student body.