FMS Honors Nurses for National Nurses Week

Waynesboro, VA – Fishburne Military School (FMS) recognizes its team of school nurses for National Nurses Week. May 12th recognizes the birthday of Nurse Florence Nightingale. She is best known for her assignment to gather a team of nurses to care for the British soldiers during the Crimean War.

Head Nurse, Jennie Hill RN, has been with FMS for eight years. Hill states, “Florence Nightingale cured illnesses in the army with soap and soup.” However, this is an understatement because nurses have an array of challenging responsibilities. At FMS, our nurses are always on call to care for the cadets, staff, faculty, and guests on campus.

Hill states, “I get compared to the Old Woman in the Shoe. You know, the one with so many children she didn’t know what to do? Well, it is kind of like that with keeping track of prescription refills, doctor and dental appointments, custody arrangements, and coordinating transportation and conduct for active families… there is always something to do here.”

Alongside Nurse Hill, the FMS nursing staff includes Staff Nurse David Cook, RN, and Staff Nurse Kristen Scarbrough.

FMS is grateful for its hardworking nursing staff. Nurses deserve continual gratitude for their role throughout the pandemic or on any day in their life in the medical field. Nurses must be mentally and emotionally tough to work the demanding hours to care for their patients.

As an experienced nurse, Hill offers advice to anyone entering her field, “Nurses must be as professional as possible. Everyone expects you to perform miracles instantly. Everyone is looking to your every action and decision. We have a bigger responsibility beyond prescribing pills— teaching [cadets] that self-care, both physically and mentally, throughout life is truly the long-term miracle cure.”