Admission Process

Let’s Get to Know Each Other

The Fishburne Admissions process is designed to help us get to know your son better, while helping you learn more about Fishburne’s military education. For starters, we accept new students in grades 7-12.

It’s also important to understand that we’re looking for boys who not only meet our standards for admission but—and this is essential—truly want to attend Fishburne. While we have a gift for seeing what’s great in boys, we can only truly succeed with boys who have a desire to be here and bring their best to their military education experience.

Admission Milestones

  • Step 1
    Schedule interview and campus visit
  • Step 2
    Submit application 6 weeks in advance of desired enrollment date
  • Step 3
    Schedule standardized testing (optional)
  • Step 4
    Start tuition assistance
  • Step 5
    First-round application review
    Tuition assistance application review
  • Step 6
    Admission notification date
  • Step 7
    Enrollment and withdrawal of other applications

Admissions Process

It is our policy to review and act on applications for admission on a nondiscriminatory basis without regard to race, creed or national origin.

1. Information Gathering

Become familiar with Fishburne’s military-style of education. Meander our website. Request an information packet. Reach out and ask us questions.

2. File an Application

Once the decision to apply for admission has been made by the prospective student and his family, the online application (which includes a signed Release of Records) must be completed fully and submitted to the Admissions Officer at the school. An unofficial transcript may be used during the preliminary portion of the application process.

3. Schedule an Interview and Campus Visit

We want to get to know you and your son. We want to hear about his needs and desires so we can ensure Fishburne is a good fit him. Every student must visit the school for an interview before acceptance can be effected. In cases where prospective students live out of state or outside the continental United States, it may be possible for the Office of
Admissions to arrange for an online interview.

4. Getting the Paperwork Complete

Other things we require from a potential student’s former school:

  • Test scores
  • Official school transcripts
  • Discipline records
  • Medical history
  • Records of IEP/504 or other special education programs
  • Letters of Recommendation (optional)

5. Admissions Decision

Once the applicant’s interview has been completed and all required documentation has been received, the Admissions Committee will notify the student’s parent or guardian of their decision regarding acceptance, usually within one week.

Ensuring this is a good fit for each boy

In reviewing an applicant’s case, the Admissions Committee considers two main points:

  1. What can the school can do for the student?
  2. What can student can contribute to the school?

The school exists for the benefit of its students. Its business is helping cadets develop to their full potential. Therefore, the Admissions Committee’s first consideration is what the school can do for the applicant.

6. Secure your applicant’s place at Fishburne

After you’ve been accepted, Fishburne will require you to make a deposit. A nonrefundable room deposit is due and payable following acceptance. Because of the competition for space within certain grades at Fishburne, this deposit serves to make certain the existence of a place for the applicant in the Corps of Cadets. The deposit is applied against tuition during the matriculation process.

7. We’re here to help

As you read through this admissions process step by step, you might have found yourself wandering down tangents in your mind about the costs of Fishburne and wondered if you can afford it. We’re here to say, don’t worry! We are passionate about making a way for your son to join our family. Check out our scholarships and financial aid so that you can breathe easy and confidently take the next step of the admissions process!


Easier than ever application.
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Sometimes the hardest part of applying is the waiting. And waiting. But not a Fishburne. We’ve made our application process fast, friendly and easy — plus we promise to get back to you in just five days. So don’t wait…your future is closer than you think. Submit an admission inquiry form.