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Salvaging the Academic Year

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Fishburne Military School (VA) Spring Success Program Helps Chart a Path to Success.

Fishburne Military School (VA) Spring Success Program Helps Chart a Path to Success.

Fishburne Military School’s Spring Success program was designed for students who have fallen behind in more than one subject and need help righting their academic ships. Spring Success students are able to turn their year around by enrolling at FMS for the remainder of the Academic Year (working closely with our instructors to strengthen academic foundations and study skills) and then successfully completing Fishburne’s Summer Session (during which students will repeat their two lowest grades) to improve their overall GPA.

“This program,” notes Fishburne Admissions Director, Mr. Cedrick Broadhurst, “enables young men to salvage what’s left of their current academic year and really turn their academic careers around during Summer Session. It’s an opportunity for a young man take the reins and improve his future.”

Students may apply to be accepted into the FMS Spring Success program until February 22nd. Those who are accepted to participate will attend FMS for the remainder of this academic year as well as for the Summer Session. Emphasis for these students will be placed upon building a stronger foundation in subject matter as well as in overall study skills and time management. Upon successful completion of the FMS Summer Session, Spring Success students can improve their overall Grade Point Average by replacing their two lowest grades with Summer Session scores.

“We feel that this program,” notes Fishburne Superintendent, retired Navy Captain Mark E. Black, “is precisely the kind of tool that young men may need to break free of the cycle of underachieving. It’s an opportunity for the young man, his family and our Fishburne instructors to take a breath, assess the damage, and then plot a practical course toward future success in the classroom.”

To be considered for this program, students must complete and submit the Fishburne application no later than March 22, 2017 and students applying must be prepared to begin school no later than March 27th, if they are accepted.

For those who know of a young man who could benefit from Fishburne Military School’s Spring Success program, more information is available at 1.800.946.7773 or by emailing to Admissions@fishburne.org. Deadline for applications is March 22, 2017.

Fishburne Military School is the oldest and smallest of all military schools for boys in Virginia. Its college-prep curriculum is built upon the structure of an Army JROTC program. Boasting a 100% college-acceptance rate for the past 10 consecutive years, FMS has also been designated as a JROTC Honor Unit with Distinction and may nominate qualified candidates to the United States Service Academics. Fishburne hosts one of only four Summer JROTC programs in the nation, accredited by US Army Cadet Command.