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FMS Rocketry Club Learns Valuable Lessons
Rocketeers Learn Valuable Lessons
October 5, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Fishburne Military School
first launch 2019_2020.jpg

Monterey, VA -- It was day of learning through experience and planning for the future as the FMS Rocketry squad hit the range again last Saturday, literally.

The cadets had two rockets fail to deploy chutes and both became one with the Earth during their first launch of the 2019-2020 season. Unfortunately, the Rocketeers lost altimeters, eggs, and rockets during these two mishaps.

Pressing on, the boys had a great overall day of launching with 8 flights and some very useful observations about what they need to build and adjust for our November-2 launch. In fact, one of the mentors from another group mentioned that the FMS team is ahead of most of the TARC teams he has seen in terms of accuracy at this time.

The next steps for the cadets will be to analyze their flight data, recreate the failed chute situation, and begin some redesigning and rebuilding. The team should be closer to the mark at the next launch and expects to be ready to qualify early next season if they continue their current level of activity.

FMS Rocketeers in attendance:
Aiden Smith (freshman - Arlington, VA)
William Sanderson (junior - Apex, NC)
Wesley Loe (junior - Silverdale, WA)
WIlliam Waddell (8th grade - Bridgewater, VA).