Local Businessman Donates $100K for Scholarships

Local Businessman Donates $100K to Fishburne Military School for Scholarship Program

Waynesboro, VA ­– Last week, Scott Simons, a Managing Partner and General Manager with Valley Auto Group delivered a very special gift to Fishburne Military School. A

Local businessman donates $100K to Fishburne Military School for scholarships

“I would rather give it to someone local,” he said of the tax money. “It could potentially help 20 local kids here. I’m going to ask other individuals to check into this program. I never thought I’d be able to write a check and help out kids like this. It’s a proud day for me. I am blessed, I am fortunate.”

$100,000 donation will be made through a unique Virginia Department of Education program that is rapidly gaining popularity.

The program, known as the Education Improvement Scholarships Tax Credit, provides scholarship opportunities for Virginia children looking to improve their educational opportunities. The purpose of the program is to provide greater access to private schools for Virginia’s students in need.

As a powerful incentive, the program offers a 65% tax credit (on top of current state and federal tax deductions) for donations to nonprofits that, in turn, provide scholarships to private schools.

“What Mr. Simons is doing will open up a wealth of educational opportunities for young people in our area and throughout Virginia who might never otherwise be able to explore their fullest potential,” explains CAPTAIN Mark E. Black, US Navy (Ret.), Superintendent of Fishburne Military School.

Simons explained that he discovered the program during a meeting with his tax advisor. The two were discussing ways in which local businesses could meet their philanthropic needs while still supporting area nonprofits. Simons noticed that the Fishburne-Hudgins Educational Foundation, Inc. was an approved nonprofit for this program.

For the past two seasons, Fishburne Military School had been supporting Simons’ youth football team, The Spartans, by providing access to FMS’ field and facilities. For Simons, it was a no-brainer. He could help provide scholarships for Virginia students, he could support Fishburne and he could meet his personal philanthropic and tax needs.

For more information about how providing scholarship funds for kids in need can help your tax situation, please visit www.fishburne.org/taxcredit.

Fishburne Military School is the oldest and smallest of all military schools for boys in Virginia. Its college-prep curriculum is built on the structure of an Army JROTC program. FMS has been designated as a JROTC Honor Unit with Distinction and may nominate qualified candidates to the United States Service Academies. Fishburne hosts one of only four Summer JROTC programs in the nation that is accredited by US Army Cadet Command.