John Rorke ’01 Named Veteran of the Week

Fishburne Military School Alumnus Demonstrating Leadership for Life in Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, OK — John Rorke, Fishburne Military School Class of 2001, received a standing ovation on Monday as the Oklahoma House of Representatives honored him as their Veteran of the Week.

As the Director of Mission Services for Goodwill Industries of Central Oklahoma, Rorke is currently responsible for oversight of Medicaid waiver and milestones programs, as well as Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Department of Labor (DOL), and Department of Justice (DOJ) federal grant applications and operations.

John served two tours in Iraq (between 2003-2007) and returned home to finish his B.A. at Oklahoma State University and went on to earn a Master of Social Work degree from Arizona State University.

Since that time, Rorke has worked tirelessly to serve others in his community and has worked particularly vigilantly for Veterans’ issues. John was instrumental in building the Supportive Services for Veteran Families program in Oklahoma. This program works with veterans who are either homeless or at risk of falling into homelessness and helps them address a wide variety of barriers that keep them out of housing, including mental illnesses, substance abuse issues and criminal history.

In an interview with the Oklahoman newspaper, Rorke explained that the group’s goal is a target called functional zero, which means that homeless outreach agencies are quickly able to house any veteran that becomes homeless.

“I’m completely optimistic that we can meet that … ,” Rorke told the Oklahoman. “We believe that this problem can be solved.”

The Oklahoma House of Representatives citation reads:

Whereas, our veterans have protected the United States of America from our enemies, both foreign and domestic, and are among the most honored of all those in public service; and

Whereas, John Rorke served his country as a member of the United States Army from 2003-2007 as a combat engineer; and

Whereas, John Rorke served two deployments in support of operation Iraqi Freedom, first from 2003-2004 along Iraq’s Sunni Triangle, then again from 2005-2006 in Iraq’s Triangle of Death; and

Whereas, John Rorke was awarded the Army Commendation Medal, the Army Achievement Medal, the Good Conduct Medal, and the Combat Action Badge before being honorably discharged in 2007; and

Whereas, the State of Oklahoma holds our veterans in highest esteem and appreciates the sacrifices and contributions they have made to preserve our freedoms and way of life; and

Whereas, the Oklahoma House of Representatives, acting on behalf of the citizens of the State of Oklahoma, takes great pride in honoring John Rorke as Veteran of the Week.

Now, therefore, pursuant to the motion of Representative Forrest Bennett the Oklahoma House of Representatives extends to
John Rorke sincere commendations and directs that this citation be presented.

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