FMS Rocketeers Enjoy Big Day

Monterey, VA - The Fishburne Rocketry cadets executed nine successful launches on Saturday in Montery.

There were no crashes, explosions, or lost rockets. All rockets deployed well as cadets experimented with different elements of the launch by varying size motors, weight, and chute sizes.

By the end of the day they were within 30 feet of the 800 foot goal and about 5 – 20 seconds off on the time of flight. The goal this year is to launch 1 egg 800 feet with a total launch to touchdown of 43 seconds with the egg unbroken.

Next, the guys will have to fine tune their Sim designs, based on Justin Tomayer’s fabulous paper work, and prepare for a January 11 launch. The launch window in which to qualify for the 2020 nationals is April 6, 2020.

In attendance for the Nov-2 launch were Zach Carrol, Wesley Loe, William Sanderson, Aiden Smith, Justin Tomayer, and Andrew Watkins. Carroll and Tomayer were first time launchers and both did an outstanding job.