Fishburne Nominates Cadet to USNA

Cadet Connor Green, of Virginia Beach, VA, Recieves Naval Academy Nomination from FMS

Waynesboro, VA — Fishburne Military School’s Senior Army Instructor announced yesterday that Cadet Connor Green, son of Mr. and Mrs. Randall Green, has been awarded one of the school’s Fishburne Military School (Waynesboro, VA) nominates Cadet to United States Naval Academyallotted nominations to a US Service Academy.

Green, who is in his second year at FMS, noted that he knew he wanted to pursue a military career since seventh grade. “My father served in the Navy for twenty-three years and retired as a chief,” Green explained, “he is my hero and was a real inspiration. I want to be among the best, and so I want to pursue a position at the United States Naval Academy and a career in the US Navy.”

LTC Robert Hunt, USA(ret), Fishburne Military School’s Senior Army Instructor added, “It is a tremendous honor for Fishburne Military School to be able to nominate Cadets to an Academy and we take it extremely seriously. Mr. Green is an outstanding candidate and will, no doubt, perform in keeping with the finest traditions of FMS.”

Fishburne Military School was first named as a United States Army JROTC Honor Unit with Distinction in 1928 and the school maintains that honor to this day. As an Honor Unit with Distinction the school is permitted to nominate qualified candidates to any of the United States Service Academies.

Fishburne Military School is the oldest and smallest of all military schools for boys in Virginia. Its college-prep curriculum is built on the structure of an Army JROTC program. FMS has been designated as a JROTC Honor Unit with Distinction and may nominate qualified candidates to the United States Service Academies. Fishburne hosts one of only four Summer JROTC programs in the nation that is accredited by US Army Cadet Command.