Fishburne Military School Excels in Inauguration

Fishburne Military School Reflects Upon Inauguration Parade Performance

Waynesboro, VA — Nearly two weeks since Fishburne Military School appeared in the 58th Presidential Inauguration, the school and its Corps of Cadets continue to receive recognition for and congratulations on their performance on such a large stage.

“This is certainly the largest stage that our young men have ever, as a Corps, performed on. The fact that the Cadets took on such a daunting challenge, completely reworked their parade formations and then executed to such a high level …  well, that hasn’t been lost on the Alumni, Parents and community. It’s really great to see our young men being recognized for their outstanding performance,” noted FMS Communications Director, Chris Richmond.

From the initial surprise of earning an invitation to march in the Inauguration Parade, to the hours of careful preparation and then through the excitement of the moment and receiving overwhelming positive reviews, the month of January has proven to be an exciting roller coaster ride for the Cadets in Waynesboro.

In the run-up to Inauguration Day, Caissons were featured in radio, television and print stories throughout the Shenandoah Valley, into Northern Virginia and as far away as Maine. The final practice parade, itself, drew over 500 spectators and well-wishers who came out to line the streets of Waynesboro and cheer on the Fishburne Military School Cadets.

Now, as the event slowly fades from the front pages to take its place in school history, cadets, school officials and administrators are able to more fully assess the impact and lessons learned from Fishburne’s first appearance in the national spotlight.

“This entire experience,” explains FMS Superintendent, retired Navy Captain Mark E. Black, “has been tremendously valuable to the learning environment here. Cadets were able to put their everyday training to use. Our young men have seen first-hand now how proper planning, time management, resource management, and dedication to task can all come together to produce amazing results on the largest of stages.”

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Fishburne Military School is the oldest and smallest of all military schools for boys in Virginia. Its college-prep curriculum is built upon the structure of an Army JROTC program. FMS is designated as a JROTC Honor Unit with Distinction and may nominate qualified candidates to the United States Service Academies. Fishburne hosts one of only four Summer JROTC programs in the nation, accredited by US Army Cadet Command.