A Fishburne Renaissance
The Fishburne Renaissance -- Unity, Momentum and Success for a Secure School

The Fishburne Renaissance — Unity, Momentum and Success for a Secure School

It’s a Cause We Can All Believe In…

Since 1951, the future of Fishburne Military School has rested in the hands of its Alumni, men dedicated to furthering Professor Fishburne’s mission of providing boys with the tools to grow into honorable young men who are poised to assume the mantle of leadership. Now, the Fishburne-Hudgins Educational Foundation, Inc. has unveiled the Fishburne Renaissance campaign to:

  • enhance and further the Academic program
  • build the endowment for long-term stability
  • renovate and upgrade facilities
  • secure the future of FMS
Fishburne Military School Builds Timeless Bonds

Fishburne Military School Alumni have built bonds that last a lifetime.

Fishburne Military School is truly a remarkable place where the tradition of building life-long leadership skills and a love of learning is perpetual. In recent years, despite uncertainty in the outside world, our Corps, Faculty, Staff and Alumni have enjoyed remarkable successes and ushered in a revival of many lost or fading traditions. In every sense, our beloved Alma Mater is enjoying a sort of Renaissance. It is up to us to make the most of this momentum and preserve this priceless national resource that is Fishburne Military School. The future is unfolding before our eyes, embodied in the young men who wear the grey and are determined to lead the world to a better place.


Securing Our Future…

As a non-profit organization, Fishburne Military School relies upon the generosity of Alumni and Friends to maintain daily operations. Our Colonel Young Brigade (senior-level donors) and others who support the Annual Fund provide us with everything from electricity to faculty members and keep the school operating from year to year. Without their support, FMS would cease to exist. We are eternally grateful to them for allowing us to continue Professor Fishburne’s mission. The Annual Fund, however, does not provide long-term stability (through endowments, for example) or for major improvements and upgrades (such as our current need for an athletics Field House). This is where Fishburne Renaissance picks up the baton and takes us forward.

To date, Fishburne Renaissance has raised nearly $1.5M. Momentum is on our side and the supporters of FMS are stepping up to contribute in great numbers.

Proposed Fishburne Military School Field House

This is an artist’s rendering of the proposed Fishburne Military School Field House. Fishburne Renaissance has raised nearly $1.5M toward this project and more.

Fishburne is currently on its way to raising the next $2M in order to break ground on a newly designed FMS Fieldhouse. Now is the time for all FMS supporters to invest in the long-term health of our little school on the hill by advancing Professor Fishburne’s mission and elevating Fishburne Military School’s reputation for Alumni Support and involvement to even greater heights.


Doing Your Part to Support this Legacy of Honor…

If you believe in the importance of Fishburne Military School, join ranks with other Alumni and Friends through Fishburne Renaissance and help us carry the school to a secure and successful future. Contact us at Alumni@Fishburne.org to let us know what you are willing to do to further the cause.


Uniting for Success…

Our beloved school has enjoyed a long and proud history of guiding young men toward lives of success and honor. After 135 years of excellence and achievement, the time has come for those of us

Naming Opportunities, such as the new Alumni House, are an excellent way to preserve our history while building our future

Naming Opportunities, such as the new Alumni House, are an excellent way to preserve our history while building our future

who understand the true value of Fishburne Military School to usher in a new era of growth, health and prosperity. Without the dedication of those who came before us, FMS would never have touched our lives. Let us, then, rededicate our support now so that the greatest small military school in the United States may go on to continue changing lives for generations to come. Here are some ways you might consider supporting Fishburne Renaissance:

Naming Opportunities

  • Administration Building
  • Gymnasium
  • JRTOC Leadership Center
  • Alumni House, and more

Gifts to meet immediate needs

  • Robotics and Rocketry equipment/funding
  • Maintenance vehicles and equipment
  • Cadet room renovations
  • Classroom renovations, and more


The Path Forward…

The future of our school depends upon all of us. To request printed materials outlining giving opportunities or to discuss how you can help carry FMS forward, email us at: Alumni@Fishburne.org or phone Alumni Affairs at: (540) 946-7700 ext. 106.