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MSG Mike Anson
Earth Science, Physical Science Instructor,
Assistant Headmaster, Cross Country, Track & Field


LTC Dan Baranik
Headmaster and Public Speaking Instructor



Cranston_John41CPT John Cranston
Chemistry and Physics Instructor



Dubose_David43CPT David DuBose
English 12, Dual Enrollment English,
Key Club advisor, CQ advisor



Galloway_Tom76CPT Tom Galloway
Calculus, Pre-calculus, Math Analysis, Advanced Trig Functions, Algebra 2 Instructor; Golf Coach, Rocket-club and TARC advisor; Robotics, X-STEM, and Moody’s Mega Challenge Coach



SGT Kenneth Glass
Computer Applications, Business Education, Pre-Algebra, Advanced Technology Instructor,
National Honor Society and NJHS Advisor



Goodnough_Martin80CPT Martin Goodnough
English 9, English 10 Instructor,
Yearbook Advisor, Newspaper Advisor



Greene_Bryan84MAJ Bryan Greene
Government, US History, Dual Enrollment History Instructor,
Athletic Director, Head Basketball Coach, Head Soccer Coach



Dr. Paul Hill
Middle School History, History 10, US History Instructor,
Head Football Coach



Hensley_James981SG James Hensley
Army Instructor JROTC, Color Guard Advisor



Hunt_Robert102LTC Robert Hunt
Senior Army Instructor



Johnson_Susan108Susan Johnson
English 11 Instructor,
Asst. Superintendent, Cadet Advocate



Chief Warrant Officer Phillip Lacey
Government, World History 9 Instructor, Assistant Coach JV Soccer, Lacrosse Coach



Moody_Seamus163CPT Seamus Moody
Science Chair, Biology, Honors Biology, Environmental Science,
Life Science, Assistant Soccer Coach, Ice Hockey Club sponsor



MSG William Morton
Army Instructor, Raiders Coach



CPT Bryan Raycraft
Spanish II, Spanish III, Spanish IV Instructor




CPT Roxanne Rodes
Educational Technology, Spanish II, Technology,
Study Skills Instructor, Technology Chair


Rood_John190CPT John Rood
Algebra II, Geometry, Algebra Functions Instructor,
Boy Scouts of America sponsor, Head Swim Coach



Summers_Eddie155Petty Officer Ed Summers
Composition 7, Composition 8, ESL, Physiology Instructor



Tankard_Richard210CPT Richard Tankard
Spanish I Instructor



Wells_Roger223CPT Roger Wells
Music Appreciation, English 7, English 8,
Band Instructor, Cadet Activities Director