Assist the Director and Associate Director with all aspects of admissions process, open houses, daily calls/emails. Act as parent liaison as new students become cadets.

Community Support Staff

Tia Brown

Admissions Coordinator and Parent Liaison

Fishburne gives young men the opportunity to learn more about themselves and the next phase of their education and life sooner than if they were in a public school.  The exposure to the military, barracks (dorm) life, and all of the time management and personal skills makes them more than ready to head out into the world.

If I can give a Cadet any advice it would be to make the most of the wealth of information you will get from your teachers, TAC officers, and everyone that will be supporting you. What may come as a surprise to parents is the level of camaraderie and brotherhood between the cadets of all ages and ranks, and it carries over to the TAC officers and staff.  We’re all here for you boys!

Having been through the admissions process recently myself (winter 2021), I hope to bring a parent’s perspective to the department, the admissions process, and having a new(er) cadet at Fishburne. What makes the best parent/teacher/student Cadet relationship is a two way communication with an open door policy at all levels.

My hobbies include volunteering with the Kiwanis Club of Waynesboro and the Red Cross, dance/fitness choreography, and puzzles.


A.A.S. Marketing/Management, New River Community College, Dublin, VA, with a B.S. in Project Management, AIU Online.


Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce 2020 Volunteer of the Year Award.

"you’ve got to do something to get through life, you might as well be crazy!"
  • Favorite Cookie?


  • Superpower you wish you had?


  • Favorite valley destination?

    Stablecraft Brewery

  • Favorite band/movie star?

    Band - The Who, Movie Star -Robin Williams

  • Horror or comedy?


  • Marvel or DC Comics?

    Anything with men in tight costumes!

  • Sports team you hate?

    Anyone playing my favorite team.

  • Vampires or Werewolves: who is stronger?


  • Best book ever written?

    The Bible