Two Liliana’s creations; a friendly crocheted doll with a long tail and an image of sliced artisan bread

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Yount Barracks
Room: CR CTR Tower


Math I
Math II
Math III

Academic Cadre

Liliana Holcombe

Math Instructor

Math is so versatile. There can be many paths to the same answer and I always feel like I’m solving a puzzle when I’m working through a problem. That makes the occasional frustration of lining the pieces of it all together still fun and engaging! You know what else is fun and engaging? The boys here at Fishburne. I like the structure and community here and watching the boys form really strong bonds with their classmates and teachers. One piece of advice for incoming students: responsibility reaps great rewards. 

As a student at Eastern Mennonite University, I earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. 

INTERESTSI just got a new puppy and am really getting into hiking with her on the nearby trails. I’m also known as “The Crocheter of Many Things” and read, bake and watch movies in my free time. 

  • Favorite cookie

    Chocolate chip

  • Favorite band


  • Best book ever written

    Wuthering Heights; terrible characters you end up hating, but a wonderful story

  • Horror or Comedy


  • Favorite Valley destination

    The French Press

  • Best thing about teaching

    Getting kids excited about learning

  • MARVEL Comics or DC Comics