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Yount Barracks
1st Floor Barracks Rooms 112-115


Communicate, cover and coordinate all medical related needs for cadets, employees, or visitors at FMS.
Provide medical records, diagnosis, treatments, clinics and meds for cadets and departments on campus.

Cadet Care Staff

Jennie Hill

Head Nurse

I have been with FMS for a total of 8 years. I attend to the daily health needs of anyone on campus (cadets, employees, or visitors.) I am part of a team that provides health coverage seven days a week, from 7am to 7pm!

Parents of others should not try to change core traditions. Every boy has a different reason for being here, but the tradition & the common experience from that binds them to each other and former alumni. Families should choose FMS because they agree with and want the services we offer incorporated in their sons.

My best advice for any young cadet: You will never be ashamed of doing your best. I believe the perfect partnership is an alliance of trust & support in each other for the benefit of the cadets. The greatest thing I have heard a cadet say is, “This is the easiest place I’ve been to– all you have to do is what you are supposed to!”


I earned my BS in Agriculture from VA Tech, and my AD in Nursing from Blue Ridge Community College. I was a Certified Rehab Nurse from 1995-2020. I was the Treasurer of Occupational Nurse Association for 10 years, and the Secretary of Rehab Nurse Association for 10 years.


Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Nursing School, Nursing Leadership Award 1997, FMS Stroehman Award 2005, Habitat for Humanity Zinn Award 2020.


I enjoy building and remodeling houses for myself and others. I work for Habitat for Humanity because stable housing produces stable families, and furthers children’s health & education.

My favorite movie is “Bridge Over the River Kwai,” because it is both inspirational and patriotic. My favorite book is Sho-Gun by Clavel. I like any music that I can dance to and specifically love ballroom dancing. I was a dairy farmer for 15 years. In addition, I taught high school, adult education and CNA programs.

Nurses are mini teachers--every interaction is an opportunity to teach the patient about bodily function, health, nutrition, and medication.
  • Favorite Cookie?

    Are there others besides chocolate chip?

  • Superpower I wish I had?

    Mind Reading

  • Favorite Valley destination?

    Any REstore

  • Horror or Comedy?


  • Best thing about teaching?

    Sowing seeds that may sprout, bloom and spread for many generations.