Martin Goodnough shares words of encouragement with one of Fishburne’s football team players.

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Yount Barracks
Administration Building

Academic Cadre

Major Martin Goodnough

Academic Counselor

I value hard work, but not just for hard work’s sake. If a student is driven to be successful in anything, I want to support it full-heartedly. I consider myself more a facilitator than simply a teacher. If a student is driven towards a vocation, I want to help support that drive in any way I can. Speaking as a Fishburne graduate, this school has provided me a platform to facilitate my success, now I’m just returning the favor.

Fishburne allows students to be themselves and celebrate their individuality. Cadets don’t care about each other’s backgrounds or other superficialities that people try to self-identify with. Cadets give credence to those who are genuine and those who contribute to the Fishburne culture rather than stray away from it.

My best advice for any student attending Fishburne is to be themselves and not be afraid to embrace challenges. No one ever got stronger lifting the same amount of weight every day. Also, preparedness is key to everything. As Fishburne legend Colonel Wease once wrote, “Success is when preparation meets opportunity.”


I have a Bachelor of Arts in Art from Virginia Intermont College and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Emory & Henry College.


My favorite film is “Point Break.” If you don’t like “Point Break,” you either haven’t seen the film or you’re lying to yourself. How could you not like a film with Patrick Swayze as the anti-hero? By the way, if you want a critical analysis of that film, I’m always available to hold you hostage for a several-hour lecture on the topic. 

If I had to pick a favorite album, it would have to be R.E.M.’s “Murmur.” It was my first album as a kid and every time I listen to it as I get older, it has a different meaning to me, mostly because you can’t understand what Michael Stipe is saying.

On the sports side, I am a die-hard Mets fan. Every September, I get to watch the Mets limp into last place or flirt with the possibility of a postseason, just to lose in a blaze of embarrassment and ridicule. But hey, ya gotta believe!

  • Favorite cookie

    Famous Amos. I also despise sugar cookies (what a waste of time)

  • Superpower I wish I had

    Super strength so I could tear the hard plastic containers off of kitchen appliances with my bare hands

  • Sports team I hate

    The Yankees

  • Horror or Comedy


  • Favorite artists

    Edward Hopper and Andy Warhol

  • Favorite Valley destination

    120 S Lewis Street, Staunton

  • Best thing about teaching

    Having a student interrupt your inspired lecture to ask to use the bathroom