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  • Fishburne TARC Team Wraps Up Season

    The Fishburne TARC team had their final launch of the season last Saturday in Monterey on a beautiful sunny day with occasional gusts of wind up to 8 mph. Temperatures started in the morning around 52° F and rose to 68° later in the day . . . Our teams have come a long way since our first launch in 2012 and have been competitive every year since.

  • Rocket Club Executes Nine Landings

    Monterey, VA - The FMS Rocketry cadets successfully executed nine launches Saturday in Monterey.

    In attendance for the Nov-2 launch were Zach Carrol, Wesley Loe, William Sanderson, Aiden Smith, Justin Tomayer, and Andrew Watkins. Carroll and Tomayer were first time launchers and both did an outstanding job.

  • FMS Rocket Men Make First Launch of Season

    Monterey, VA -- It was day of learning through experience and planning for the future as the FMS Rocketry squad hit the range again last Saturday, literally.

    The team learned some valuable lessons as they prepared to compete in this year's Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC).

  • Fishburne Military School Rocketeers Close Best Season Yet

    Waynesboro, VA --The Fishburne Military School Rocketeers had their final launch of the school year last Saturday after a good year of designing, testing, and launching rockets for the Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC). "Overall, it was a good year and the closest we've come yet to nationals," noted Rocket Club Advisor and Sponsor, CPT Tom Galloway. 

  • FMS Rocketeers Launch New Season of TARC

    This year TARC will commemorate the Apollo-11 mission with an altitude goal of 856 feet (the time Neal Armstrong set foot on the moon) and cargo requirement of three eggs (one for each astronaut). The Fishburne Military School rockets will also sport three chutes, as in the Apollo mission, and will be graded on designs most closely reminiscent of the Saturn-V. 

  • FMS Rocketeers Zeroing In on Nationals

    Monterey, VA -- The Fishburne Military School Rocketeers braved a cold day on Saturday to launch their Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC) rockets at the Valley AeroSpace Team (VAST) launch site Monterey, Virginia. "In fact, one of the launches was a perfect 800 ft with a perfect flight time of 43 seconds. We have never done that before. There can be no higher score in TARC," noted CPT Galloway. 

  • IMG_2651-400x267.jpg
    Fishburne Military School Rocket Club On the Go

    The Fishburne Military School Rocket Club traveled to their usual launch site in Monterey, VA to launch rockets on Saturday as part of the Teen America Rocketry Challenge (TARC) program at FMS then packed up their gear and data in order to volunteer at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) for its Open House and outreach event the next day.

  • Fishburne Rocket Club Blasts Off

    Monterey, VA -- The Fishburne Military School Rocketeers traveled to their usual site in Monterey, VA to launch rockets on Saturday as part of the Teen America Rocketry Challenge (TARC) program. The cadets learned much from the launch and are expected to design around the problems they encountered. All of the Caissons' chutes deployed perfectly and no eggs were broken in landing. 

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