You can meet your philanthropic goals without spending a cent today

Create a legacy to forge honorable young men of courage
A New Resource from Fishburne Military School
You can secure your legacy
and meet your philanthropic goals
-- without spending a cent today

How to make an impact that will live on

Many Fishburne Military School alumni and friends choose to include a gift in their wills as a way to honor their education. It’s the most powerful way to invest in the future of Fishburne Military School, and have an impact for generations to come, without any cost to you today.

The easiest way to create your legacy is by creating a gift in your will. We’ve partnered with FreeWill to make it easy for you to make a plan and, if you feel moved to do so, include a gift to Fishburne Military Academy.

How it works:

  1. Use this free tool to create your legal will online, or document your wishes and find an attorney near you.
  2. Specify within your will the amount or percentage of your estate you’d like to leave (if any) to Fishburne Military School and other charitable organizations.
  3. Go on with your life in the knowledge that you’ve taken care of the people you care about most and that you’ll be making positive change for generations to come.

The John T Hardy Legacy Club

Everyone who creates a legacy with Fishburne Military School will automatically be invited to join the John T Hardy Legacy Club as a way to honor your commitment to Fishburne.

Further questions? Please contact the Development Office at (540) 946-7700 ext. 119 or

Create your will in under 20 minutes

It’s simple, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing you took care of such an important task