NEW 5-Day Boarding Program

Fishburne Military School in Waynesboro, VA officially unveils a new 5-Day Boarding program


Fishburne Military School (Waynesboro, VA) now offers 5-Day BoardingThe 137-year-old military school for boys will be opening its doors for the first time this fall to local area students who wish to reap the benefits of a boarding program while still living at home on weekends.

No other military school in the state offers this opportunity for families.

5-Day boarding helps FMS make the benefits of a boarding school education more affordable while still preserving precious weekend family time.

The new 5-Day Boarding option will save families a minimum of $4,000/year on tuition and expenses and, coupled with existing discounts and scholarships, is designed to make the benefits of a boarding school education affordable and convenient for a wider variety of area families.

Fishburne’s Admissions Director, Cedrick Broadhurst explains, “There has been a tremendous amount of interest in Fishburne throughout the Shenandoah Valley and surrounding counties. This program will permit us to meet that rising demand while still retaining the traditional advantages of a boarding school environment.”

Fishburne currently permits a very limited number of Day Students, who report to classes in the mornings and then are picked up by their families to return home each day after the afternoon athletics period. The new five-day boarding program will fully incorporate local students into the Corps of Cadets and provide additional benefits such as evening study halls and the life-lessons learned from a live-in environment.

“While we do our absolute best to provide the full FMS experience to our day students, there are some advantages to boarding that they still miss out on. By living and working together throughout the week, our young men learn social and life skills that are priceless when it comes to making that transition to college life and beyond. Young men develop interpersonal skills and form bonds of friendship in a boarding environment that truly last a lifetime. This program opens up those opportunities to an entirely new pool of students,” Broadhurst further clarified.

Contact for more information, to schedule a visit for your family or to apply today! You can also reach and Admissions Counselor by phone at 1.800.946.7773.


Fishburne Military School is the oldest and smallest of all military schools for boys in Virginia. Its college-prep curriculum is built on the structure of an Army JROTC program. FMS has been designated as a JROTC Honor Unit with Distinction and may nominate qualified candidates to the United States Service Academies. Fishburne hosts one of only four Summer JROTC programs in the nation that is accredited by US Army Cadet Command.