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Summer School: Make the Summer Count!!
Registration June 23, 2012
Classes Begin June 25, 2012 Thru July 28, 2012

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Summer School 2012 - Application

Turn a "C" into an "A" and Increase his Grade Point Average

If your son made a “C” or lower in any of his courses during the regular school year, particularly those building block courses that require a foundation of knowledge to progress to the next level (ex. Pre-Algebra - Algebra), it would benefit him to retake the course during Summer School. We will work with your son to raise his grade and then replace the lower grade on his official transcript. If your son’s transcript contains all A’s and high B’s, we encourage you to consider Summer School 2012 as an opportunity for him to get ahead academically and to receive important organization, athletic, teamwork and leadership experience. Many colleges use these experiences to differentiate between applicants.

In addition, Fishburne is offering JROTC Leadership & Education Training (LET) 1, 2, & 3 during Summer School. The JROTC instruction and training is focused upon developing each student’s ability to achieve leadership, character, and academic success. Taking JROTC may help cadets increase their potential to receive ROTC scholarships and to be selected for admission to one of the United States Service Academies. Normally cadet officers must be enrolled in LET3 during their senior year. Thus, if your son started at FMS as a junior he needs to take LET2 during the next summer.


(Summer School 2012 video)

Course Offerings

Courses offered during Summer School are: English (Grades 7-12), Science 7, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, General Mathematics, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I & II, Geometry, Leadership Education Training 1, 2, & 3, World History, U.S. and Virginia History, U.S. and Virginia Government, Word Processing, Spanish I and II, Study Skills, and Kaplan SAT Preparation. There is an additional charge for the Kaplan program.

Each of these courses may be offered as a repeat course (70 hours) or as a new course (140 hours). FMS reserves the right to cancel any class or activity with fewer than five cadets enrolled during Summer School. 

Sports and Weekday Extracurriculars

During Summer School, Fishburne offers daily sports camps for soccer, basketball, golf, football, tennis, wrestling and strength & conditioning. On Wednesday afternoons, cadets participate in an adventure or confidence building activity such as rappelling, orienteering, or building a one-rope bridge. On Friday afternoons Summer School cadets receive additional cadet and military training until 5:30 p.m. These activities are directed by the Commandant’s Office and by Fishburne’s JROTC Staff.

Fishburne will once again offer a Summer School Aviation program as a cooperative venture between Fishburne and Wayesboro-Eagle’s Nest Airport. The program offering is contingent on the availability of flight school instructors and having at least five students sign up. The program allows cadets the opportunity to learn more about aviation through both classroom and hands-on experience. The cost of the program is $275.00.

Evening Study Halls

Cadets study in their rooms from 8:00 - 9:30 p.m. During this time, teachers and Cadet Development Officers supervise and help students stay on task. There is also a supervised study hall for cadets who are failing to do their work on time.

Fishburne is expanding its iPad integration efforts, and many of the classes during Summer School will be conducted using aspects of the iPad. All cadets are strongly encouraged to have an iPad for Summer School and for the School Year. All iPads must not be the 3G version.


Tuition includes haircuts, room and board, sports programs and the JROTC sponsored adventure training. Tuition for Summer School is $3,890.00 for New Boarding Students, $3,390.00 for second year cadets and $2,890.00 for third year summer cadets.


Summer School cadets who are making satisfactory academic progress and have no disciplinary issues may enjoy town passes or weekend leaves after classes and training on Friday afternoons at 5:30 p.m. If on leave a cadet must return by 7:30 p.m. on Sunday.

Each weekend, the FMS Cadet Services Department has arranged for optional activities such as amusement park visits or paint ball trips. Additional costs are associated with these trips and activities.

Every Sunday, cadets who remain on campus for the weekend must attend a religious service of their choice or a class on character traits and values.


Summer School cadets are issued all of the uniforms they will need for classes, athletics, activities/trips, during leave/pass, as well as parades and ceremonies. Cadet white/gray uniforms and Army ACU uniforms are rented to cadets. New cadets will receive summer class uniforms (cargo shorts and T-shirts), sports uniforms (shorts and T-shirts) and cadet leave uniforms (gray trousers, white shirts, leather shoes and accoutrements). Many items required during Summer School can be purchased in the FMS Cadet Store during check-in. Returning, “old men,” cadets must bring their uniforms issued during the regular school year, or previous summer school, for use during Summer School.


Please contact Mr. Cedrick Broadhurst, FMS Admissions Director for more information about our school or to schedule a campus tour. He can be reached at: or by calling 800.946.7773.

Sports Camps

Youth Basketball Day Camp, 18-21 June;
Youth Football Camp, 19-20 July;
Youth Basketball Day Camp, 30 July – 2 August; and
Youth Football Day Camp, 11-12 August

Please contact Dan Baranik at for football camps and you may email Hernon Roldan at for the basketball camps.

Tuition for Summer School 2012 is $3,890.00 for New Boarding Students, $3,660.00 for Old Men, and $3,160.00 for selected cadet leaders.



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